Lenovo ThinkPad 57++ T440p T540p L440 L540 W540 9 Cell Extended Battery 8700mAh/94Wh by Max Capacity

Max Capacity LZMC57++LP

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ThinkPad 57++ T440p T540p L440 L540 W540 9 Cell Extended Battery 8700mAh/94Wh by Max Capacity

Compatible with: ThinkPad T440p T540p L440 L540 W540 laptops

Capacity:8700mAh 94WhChemistry:Li-Ion
Voltage:11.1Cell Manufacture:Panasonic NNP
Shipping:3 Day-$6.95Warranty:16 Months

Performance Highlights

    Our long lasting Thinkpad 57++ T440p T540p L440 L540 W540 Replacement Battery is the best performing laptop battery made today! If you have been disappointed in the past by other replacements batteries then your need to try this battery. We exclusive use Panasonic's Advanced NNP cell technology and all cells are UL1642 safety rated and designed for enhanced US and Euro Zone safety standards.Want the best, the best is Max Capacity. Power On and Stay On!

  • *** About a 3 year average service life which is double the service life of other replacement batteries.

  • *** Massive amounts of power to enable you to run longer 20-50% longer than comparable 9 cell or other discount brands.

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* See the 'Additional Information' Tab for specific model and part number compatibility.

Lenovo ThinkPad 57++ T440p T540p L440 L540 W540 9 Cell Extended Battery 8700mAh/94Wh by Max Capacity

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Max Capacity Laptop Batteries - Leading Designs that Combine Safety and Ultra-High Capacity

What does the brand Max Capacity represent

Max Capacity is committed to producing high-end, high performance laptop replacement batteries and adapters. We continually look for and implement Li-Ion cell advancements to produce the most advanced, safe and powerful Li-Ion batteries available.

Outstanding Li-Ion Battery Performance

Your Laptop will Run Longer when using our Li-Ion Batteries. Our batteries are lighter in weight and maintain some of the highest energy capacity over the life of the product. More energy capacity equals longer run-times between charges. We achieve this with innovative NNP technology which consists of a slight Li-Ion formula change in the chemistry of the battery. This new nickel-based positive electrode technology allows our laptop batteries to achieve higher energy capacity then previously possible.

Our Batteries Provide almost Double the Life Expectancy of traditional Li-Ion Battery Packs!

In addition, NNP Technology increases the service life of the product dramatically versus other comparable Li-ion batteries. This means you wont need to replace our Max Capacity laptop batteries as frequently, thereby saving you money.


New HRL Technology combined with traditional IC power management makes our laptop batteries VERY safe. Our laptop batteries remain particularly safe thanks to the use of a patented Heat Resistant Layer built into every battery cell we use. This solution consists of an insulated metal oxide film between the electrodes, which prevents overheating even in the case of an internal short-circuit. When added to state if the art power management circuity, HRL Technology makes Max Capacity laptop batteries particular safe! Lastly, all cells we put in our products are UL 1642 certified. This is a safety and quality issue that we insist on for our brand's reputation and our customers safety.


Max Capacity Laptop batteries excel in product safety while delivering ultra high capacities and extended product life! Oh, and we're affordable too!

Power ON and Stay ON!

Additional Information

Dimensions 8.13 x 1.97 x .80
Voltage 11.1
Capacity 8700
Cell Number 9
Model Number Compatibility
  • ThinkPad T440p
  • ThinkPad T540p
  • ThinkPad L440
  • ThinkPad L540
  • ThinkPad W540
  • ThinkPad W541
    Part Number Compatibility
    • 57+
    • 57++
    • 42T4733
    • 42T4235
    • 42T4731
    • 42T4757
    • 42T4737
    • 42T4753
    • 51J0499
    • 57Y4185
    • 57Y4186
    • 0C52864
    • ASM 42T4703
    • ASM 42T4752
    • ASM 42T4756
    • ASM 42T4796
    • ASM 45N1000
    • FRU 42T4702
    • FRU 42T4751
    • FRU 42T4755
    • FRU 42T4791
    Digital Certification Encrypted

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