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Our Sony Laptop Battery –Long Lasting Ultra-High Capacity

Safebatteries.com prides its self on offering the finest quality laptop battery for Sony Vaio users. Our Sony laptop battery combines ultra-high capacity with long service life.

The Max Capacity laptop batteries we feature are expected to last 2 – 3 times longer than typical replacement batteries and also provide 20-50 percent more power. Even after 500 charging cycles our Sony Vaio laptop batteries retain almost %70 of their original capacity. Compare that to your typical Sony laptop battery that struggle to retain %40 of their capacity after 450 cycles and our superior value becomes clear.

We only sell Sony Vaio replacement batteries that exclusive use Panasonic NNP cells from Japan. This ensures that any Sony Vaio battery you buy from us will outperform and outlast all other batteries in our price range.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee along with a 16 month warranty. In addition, our Max Capacity batteries will not void any of your existing warranties. Give our batteries a try you have nothing to lose.