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The Best HP Laptop Battery Product

Looking for a long lasting HP laptop battery or HP notebook battery? Well then you have come to the right place. SafeBatteries.com offers the best Hewlett Packard battery available. Our brand of Max Capacity HP laptop batteries will last longer than all other replacements batteries on the net. Max Capacity exclusively uses Panasonic NNP cells because they deliver the highest capacities laptop battery cells around. They last significantly longer then Samsung, LG, Sony and Sanyo manufactured cells as well. Our batteries are very affordable and typically last about 3 years.

Highest Capacity HP Notebook Battery Made

If you have bought cheap HP laptop battery in the past, then you have probably been disappointed with the short 9 month to 15 month service life. Our Max Capacity laptop battery is very long lasting. They will even out perform for your OEM laptop battery from HP. For those wishing to upgrade your HP laptop battery and demand a both high performance and low price, then our HP laptop batteries are for you!

Product Warranty

Our Hewlett Packard replacement batteries exceed HP’s 1 year battery warrant with its own 16 month warranty. Our laptop batteries work with, and will not void any of your existing factory warranties.