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High Performance Laptop Batteries for your Dell Studio

Try one of our Max Capacity batteries for Dell Studio, you won’t be disappointed. A typical replacement Dell Studio laptop batteries only offer 48 Wh for a 6 cell battery or 66Wh for a 9 cell. Our Max Capacity laptop batteries exceed that. They will significantly extend your Studios battery powered runtime by up to %30 percent

Massive 63Wh and 94Wh Studio Batteries

Our 6 cell Studio Battery delivers 64Wh of power and our 9 cell provides a massive 94Wh ensuring you have the battery power you need to last most of the day if needed.

Our Studio Laptop Battery last up to 3 Years

Max Capacity laptop batteries almost double the typically 18 month service life of other cheaper replacement laptop batteries. Our batteries retain about %70 percent of its capacity even after 500 charges! Our high quality Dell Studio battery is competitively priced and offers great value.

Special Order - Studio Laptop Battery

If you can't find your Studio battery then please contact us. We can special order most types of laptop battery that we don't stock from Max Capacity.