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Our Compaq Presario Battery Provides Value

Our Compaq Presario battery is built to last up to 3 years and is offered at a great price. All of our Presario laptop batteries exclusively use new high capacity Panasonic NNP cell. These cells far exceed OEM specification. We want you to be happy with you purchase from us so we will only sell you laptop batteries with the best Li-ion cells made!

Ultra High Quality Compaq Laptop Battery

Power your Compaq with one our 6 cell Presario laptop battery. Rated at 5800mAh and 64Wh of power, its sure to power your laptop for a very long time. The typical Presario laptop battery from HP is rated at 4400mAh. Our 5800mAh battery stores about %30 more power than Compaqs 4400mAh laptop battery.

Our Presario Laptop Battery Significantly Outperforms other Replacements

Max Capacity laptop batteries exclusively use Panasonic NNP cells which offer the perfect balance between high capacity and long service life. Our batteries retain about %70 percent of its capacity even after 500 charges! Our Presario laptop battery offers consumers a great price point for an outstanding laptop battery. Try yours today and see why.

Special Order - Presario Laptop Battery

If you can't find the Presario battery model you are looking for then please contact us. We can special order most types of Presario batteries from Max Capacity.