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Compaq Laptop Batteries

Great performance at a Low price

Our Compaq laptop batteries will last you about 3 years, while cheaper batteries typically only last 1 to 1.5 years. Additionally, power capacity in these laptop batteries are typically low and over rated. At best they may provide 1.5 hours of power for the first month, then the fall off a cliff. Those cheap laptop batteries are costing you $80-$120 over a 3 year period. Our Compaq batteries will cost you about $20-$30 per year and provide enough power for close to 3 hours of run time! We truly offer the best Compaq battery at the lowest price!

High Capacity 6 Cell Compaq Laptop Battery

At Safebatteries.com we offer consumers the best performing Compaq replacement batteries at a cheap price. We sell Max Capacity brand replacement batteries. These batteries can extend your Compaq laptop run time without the added size or cost of an extended 9 cell battery. Our 6 cell battery for Compaq laptops use state of the art Li-ion cells to combined long run times with a 3 year service life. Most replacement laptop batteries focus on using the cheapest cells possible without telling you that they provide little power. Even worse, these laptop batteries will require new replacements every year!

Advanced Panasonic NNP Technologies

The secret to unlocking Max Capacities high performance is its use of advanced NNP technology from Panasonic. This innovative Li-ion cell from Panasonic combines new levels of safety with never before achieved ulta-high capacities. If you want you want the best battery for Compaq laptop then Max Capacity is your brand.

Compaq Battery Product Warranty

All batteries for Compaq Laptops that we sell have a 16 month warranty and will not void your existing Compaq factory warranty.

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