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Acer Laptop Battery

The Best Performing Acer Replacement Battery

Safebatteries.com exclusively sells Max Capacity Acer batteries for one reason, they are the best performing battery for Acer laptops. Our laptop batteries for Acer lasts much longer than your average replacement battery. In fact, our Acer laptop batteries last about 3 years and store more power than any other replacement battery out there.

Advanced Panasonic NNP Technologies

The secret to unlocking Max Capacities high performance is its use of advanced NNP technology from Panasonic. This innovative Li-ion cell from Panasonic combines new levels of safety with never before achieved ultra-high capacities. If you want you want the best Acer laptop battery at an discount price, then the choice is clear. Max Capacity out lasts other Acer replacement batteries by a full year and delivers longer run-times when unplugged. Get yours today.

Product Warranty

Our Acer Laptop batteries exceed Acers 1 year battery warrant by providing its own 16 month warranty. Our laptop batteries work with, and will not void any of your existing factory warranties.

Special Order - Acer Battery

If you don't find your particular Acer replacement battery, please feel free to contact us. We have a "special order" process and can get almost any type of laptop battery model from Max Capacity.

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