HP NK06 Battery for Envy 15 1000 Series |11.1V 53Wh by Max Capacity |PN HSTNN-IB01

Max Capacity HPMCNK06-B

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HP Envy 15-1000 Series NK06 Battery 53Wh HSTTN-IB01 Battery

Our replacement NK06 battery is one of the best performing laptop battery made today and outperforms all other cheaper discount batteries. If you have been disappointed with other replacement batteries in the past, then our battery was made for you. Power On and Stay On!

Capacity:4800mAh 53WhChemistry:Li-Ploy
Voltage:11.1Cell Manufacture:Panasonic NNP
Shipping:Flat $6.95Warranty:12 Months

Performance Highlights

  • *** 2-3 year average service life which is double the service life of other replacement batteries.

  • *** Massive amounts of power to enable you to run longer 20-50% longer than other cheap replacement batteries.

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HP NK06 Battery 53Wh

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Max Capacity Leading Designs that Combine Safety and Ultra-High Capacity

What does the brand Max Capacity represent

Max Capacity is committed to producing high-end, high performance laptop replacement batteries and adapters. We continually look for and implement Li-Ion cell advancements to produce the most advanced, safe and powerful Li-Ion batteries available.

Outstanding Li-Poly Battery Performance

Our batteries are lighter in weight and maintain some of the highest energy capacity over the life of the product. Our battery products are designed to perform like you HP OEM battery and save you a couple of bucks in the process


Max Capacity Laptop batteries excel in product safety while delivering ultra high capacities and extended product life! Oh, and we're affordable too!

Power ON and Stay ON!

Additional Information

Dimensions 8.1 x 2.1 x .80
Voltage 11.1
Capacity 4800
Cell Number No
Model Number Compatibility
  • Envy 15
  • Envy 15-1000
  • Envy 15-1000se
  • Envy 15-1001tx
  • Envy 15-1001xx
  • Envy 15-1002tx
  • Envy 15-1002xx
  • Envy 15-1003tx
  • Envy 15-1007ev
  • Envy 15-1007tx
  • Envy 15-1008xx
  • Envy 15-1009tx
  • Envy 15-1011tx
  • Envy 15-1013tx
  • Envy 15-1014tx
  • Envy 15-1015tx
  • Envy 15-1018tx
  • Envy 15-1019tx
  • Envy 15-1020er
  • Envy 15-1021tx
  • Envy 15-1022tx
  • Envy 15-1030ef
  • Envy 15-1040er
  • Envy 15-1050ca
  • Envy 15-1050es
  • Envy 15-1050nr
  • Envy 15-1060ea
  • Envy 15-1066nr
  • Envy 15-1067nr
  • Envy 15-1080ea
  • Envy 15-1090eg
  • Envy 15-1099eo
  • Envy 15-1099xl
  • Envy 15-1970ez
  • Envy 15t-1000
    Part Number Compatibility
    • 570421-171
    • 576833-001
    • 586025-001
    • HSTNN-IB01
    • HSTNN-Q42C
    • HSTNN-XB01
    • NK06
    • NK06053
    Digital Certification Encrypted

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