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SafeBatteries.com is your source for ultra-high quality laptop batteries. Our replacement batteries typically last 3 years and store more power than any other replacement battery including your OEM factory battery. Our laptop battery store focuses on providing you with the best laptop batteries made. We exclusively use top-of-line Panasonic NNP Li-ion cells in all our Max Capacity batteries. When you buy a laptop battery from us you are buying a best of breed battery. Other cheap laptop batteries can’t come close to our 3 year service life and long battery powered run times. Our laptop battery prices are very compelling when you consider that other replacement batteries are designed to last only 1-2 years and provide you with minimal run times, our value becomes clear. Want a better battery? Then buy a laptop battery from us. If you have questions about our Max Capacity products, please feel free to Contact Us.

Laptop Battery Warranty

Our Laptop battery warranty exceeds most manufacture warranty by providing a 16 month warranty. Our laptop batteries will not void any of your existing factory warranties.

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